League Bylaws

1.  Name.
This League shall bear the name: Cosmopolitan Soccer League, Inc.
2.  Headquarters.
The headquarters of this League shall be designated by the Executive Board.
3.  Purpose.
The object and purpose of this League shall be the fostering and conduct of the game of Association Football (Soccer) for the physical and moral benefit of its players together with the protection of the interests of its affiliated clubs, and the furthering of the game of soccer among our youth.
4.  Dissolution.
In the event of the dissolution of this League, all assets will go to the United States Soccer Hall of Fame for the advancement of youth soccer.
5.  Membership.
This League is a member of a United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) affiliate or affiliates as determined by the membership, through which it is affiliated with the United States Soccer Federation. It shall recognize the authority, rulings and by-laws of these organizations.
6.  Official Notifications.
Administrative notifications shall be through the league website or by such other means as determined by the Executive Board.
1.  Conduct of Affairs.
The conduct of all activities is supervised by the Executive Board.
2.  Executive Board.
The Executive Board shall be composed of:                                
First Vice-President
Second Vice-President
Third Vice-President
General Secretary
Five Trustees
(f) Life Members (Honorary & Past Presidents)
(g) Junior Past President
B. Duties.
(a) President and Vice-Presidents.
The President shall supervise all activities of the League and the work of the officers. He is to appoint all standing Committees.  He has the power to take the necessary steps when the interests of the League appear endangered. He is the general representative of the League in all legal and other matters, as well as chairman at all meetings. In his absence, the First or Second or Third Vice-President shall succeed to the powers of the President in this order.
(b) General Secretary.
The General Secretary shall attend to all correspondence and such other matters as designated by these bylaws.
The Treasurer shall have charge of the finances as well as all property belonging to the League. He is responsible for keeping accurate records and shall present a detailed report of the financial position at each meeting of the Executive Board. He shall submit a full printed report for the season to the Annual Meeting. All Disbursements from the funds of the League shall be approved and counter-signed by the President. If either the President or Treasurer expects to be unavailable for an extended period, during the absence and with the written approval of the President or Treasurer respectively, the General Secretary may counter-sign disbursements.
(d)  Arbiter. 
The Arbiter shall receive all protests and claims, and has the right to make all Arbitration decisions. 
(e)  Trustees. 
The Trustees shall be available for all duties which may be assigned to them by the President of this League and must actively serve on a league committee. 
(f) Life Members (Honorary & Past Presidents).  
The Life Members of this League are to place their knowledge and experience at the disposal of this League. The outgoing president (as Junior Past President) will automatically have a vote on the Executive Board for the duration of his successor’s term in office.  
C. Powers.  


The Executive Board has the right to suspend any member of the Board whose actions are detrimental to the interest of this League. A suspended member may demand a hearing of his case before a special meeting of the League within 4 weeks after his suspension becomes effective.  
(b) The Executive Board can order all other games suspended on days when a representative or play-off game is scheduled. 
(c) The Executive Board decides on interpretations of the rules and regulations. It has the power to make decisions on matters not covered by these rules. 
(d) The President and General Secretary of this League shall act as the Emergency Committee. They can make decisions upon mutual agreement in case of emergency. Such decisions shall he presented for approval to the next Executive Board meeting. 
(e) Limit of Powers.
The Executive Board is limited to disburse funds up to the amount of $1,500.00 and 50% of the net profit incurred by the league during the prior season without the approval of the delegates of the clubs. 
D.  Standing Committees.  
The President shall appoint the following standing committees out of the Executive Board membership:  
Appeals Committee.  
The Appeals Committee shall consist of a chairman and not more than six members. No club is to have more than one person on this committee. They shall handle all appeals against a decision of a rehearing by the Arbiter.
Games Committee. 
The Games Committee shall consist of a chairman and not more than six members. They shall handle all negotiations in connection with the invitation of a foreign team and arrangements for any tour. 
Rules Committee. 
The Rules Committee shall consist of the Chairman and two members. They shall see that the rules are at all times up to date and that all clubs receive any changes in proper time. 
(d)  Cup Committee. 
The Cup Committee shall consist of a chairman and two members. They shall oversee the two League Cup competitions, determine the format, manage pair drawings, manage the awards and care for the League and Harry Saunders Cup trophies. In addition, the Committee will work closely with the League office secretary, the Games Chairman and the respective New York and New Jersey state associations to promote and facilitate the League’s involvement in the State and National Cup competitions.
Divisional Chairpersons. 
The President shall have the right to appoint, with the consent of the Executive Board, chairpersons of the divisions of the league. If appointed, the divisional chairpersons shall act as a liaison between the teams in their respective divisions and the President and shall have such other responsibilities and authority as conferred upon them by the President. Divisional chairpersons may, but need not be, members of the Executive Board.   
3.  Premature Withdrawal of Members from the Executive Board.
When an officer of this League resigns or dies before the end of his term, the Executive Board shall be empowered to fill his vacancy until the next Annual Meeting of this League. 

4.  Meeting of Executive Board.
A meeting of the Executive Board shall have a quorum when at least one-half of the voting members of the Board, excluding life-members, are present. All decisions are determined by a majority vote. The presiding chairman shall have no vote, except in case of a tie when he shall cast the deciding vote.
The Executive Board may conduct meetings by video or telephone conference and may also bring up matters for a vote and conduct votes by electronic mail.
No officer shall have the right to represent his own club or to vote in matters where his club is involved.  
5.  Office.
The League shall maintain an office. The General Secretary is in charge of this office.  
6.  Inspection of Books.
The member clubs shall have the right to inspect the books of the League provided they give one month written notice of their intention.
7.  Identification Cards.
Identification cards shall be issued annually to all duly elected officers of this League. These cards shall entitle the officer to free admission to all affairs of the member clubs conducted under the auspices of this League. The officer shall immediately return this card together with any other property belonging to the League to the office of the General Secretary upon the end of his term or at the time of his resignation.
8.  Formation of Sub-Divisions.
The formation of subsidiary divisions of this League shall he allowed only upon approval of the Annual Meeting.  
9.  Honors and Diplomas
A. Board and Club Members.
The Executive board may honor persons who have given extraordinary services in behalf of the League. The form or manner shall he determined from case to case.
B.   Championship Teams.
  The winning team in each division plus the any league cup winners shall receive a trophy or diploma at the Annual Meeting. The players and up to two coaches of the winning team will receive medals or similar awards.
C.  Runner-Up Teams.
  The teams finishing in second place in each division shall also be honored, the nature of the award to be determined by the Executive Board.
10.  Fiscal Year. 
The fiscal year of this League shall be from July 1st through June 30th.
11.   Annual Meeting
General Rules. 
The Annual Meeting as well as all other General Meetings are public. However, the Executive Board shall have the right at all times to exclude the public.
B. Invitations.
Invitations to all meetings shall be mailed or emailed by the General Secretary at least 14 days before the meeting. The invitations to Annual Meetings shall be accompanied by a copy of the minutes of the previous Annual Meeting as well as all proposed rule changes.
C.   Order of Business.
The Annual Meeting shall be held on any day as determined by the Executive Committee with the following order of business:
Roll Call.
Approval of Minutes.
Unfinished Business.
Committee Reports.
Financial Report and Report of Auditors.
Rule Change Proposals.
Discharge of Executive Board.
Election of Officers.
Good and Welfare.
Choice of site for next Annual Meeting.
  (The annual reports of members of the Executive Board shall be presented in writing in order that they may be included in a special file for keeping a historical record of the League)  
D.  Parliamentary Rules. 
  The presiding officer shall have all powers to maintain parliamentary order. He shall exclude delegates from the meeting who have disobeyed 3 times a call to order. He shall have the right to interrupt the meeting or to adjourn it before finishing the order of business. Grave disorders committed at a meeting may be penalized with instant expulsion. 
Voting Power. 
The governing Executive Board members shall he entitled to one vote each. The voting power of the member clubs is determined on the basis of registered teams in a current season. Each club shall have one vote for each adult team which has played at least half of the league games. No club shall be entitled to vote if its financial obligations to the League have not been met. 
Club Delegates. 
Each club delegate shall present a written authority from his club which is to be handed to the General Secretary. 
Alternate Delegates. 
Each club shall be entitled to 2 alternate delegates who have no voting privileges. 
The Annual Meeting shall have a quorum if it has been called in accordance with these rules and provided that at least 2/3 of all valid votes are properly represented. Failing this, a new meeting shall be called within one month which shall possess a quorum regardless of the number of’ clubs present. 
All proposals for rule changes and other motions of the Annual Meeting shall be presented in writing to the General Secretary not later than 30 days prior to the date of the Annual Meeting. Motions may be debated upon only after they have been seconded by another delegate. When a motion to close the debate has been carried, only the maker of the motion and one speaker opposing it shall be allowed to speak. Such a motion can only be made by a delegate who has not previously spoken on the subject. Nobody shall be allowed to speak on a motion after it has been disposed of, unless the majority of delegates so decide. 
Emergency Motions. 
Emergency motions may be made at any time. Such motions shall only be debated if they arise from previous decisions of the meeting providing the presiding officer approves of the emergency. 
All motions except changes or additions to these rules shall require a simple majority for acceptance. Motions to change or add to these rules shall require 2/3 majority of all votes cast. Votes shall be taken in such manner that the most far reaching motion shall be determined and voted upon first. Other motions shall follow in the order in which they were presented. Votes shall be counted on a show of hands. A motion for a secret ballot requires the assent of at least 1/3 of all votes present.
L.  Elections. 

The Executive Board shall be elected at the Annual Meeting for the term of one year. With the exception of the following member who shall be appointed: Arbiter. Re-election is permissible. Members of the Executive Board shall be elected only if they are personally present. Exceptions to this rule may be made if the meeting so decides. All elections shall be by secret ballot or by a voice vote if no objection is raised. A simple majority of votes is necessary for election.

A Past President may be nominated for Honorary President or Life Member to the Executive Board. Upon election he enjoys all voting rights and privileges thereof for life. The Executive Board by a 2/3 vote may also propose other members for life membership. 
Non-Representation at Annual Meeting and other Meetings. 
Clubs which are not represented by delegates for the duration of the Annual Meeting shall be fined $100.00. The fine for not being represented at any other meeting shall be $50.00. 
12.  Extraordinary Meetings and Delegate Meetings.
Special meetings may he called by the Executive Board in urgent cases.  Upon written request of at least 2/3 of the member clubs, the Executive Board must call a special meeting within 14 days. The voting power of the member clubs is determined on the basis of registered teams in the current season. Each club shall have one vote for each adult team. 
13.  Membership. 
A. Admission
(a)  Full Member
Only such clubs which affiliate with their entire Soccer Division shall become members of this League. 
Applications for membership shall be submitted in writing to the General Secretary accompanied by a copy of the applicant’s Constitution and By-Laws as well as a statement giving the names and addresses of officers, location of headquarters, grounds and day of meetings.
Membership Dues
An initiation fee of $250.00 and a guarantee of $500.00 is to be paid by new clubs joining this League before they can be accepted. The annual dues which are due at the time of the Annual Meeting shall be as follows: For each adult team – Division I - $500.00; Division II - $250.00; Metro Divisions - $150.00; Over-30 Divisions - $150.00.
A non-promoted team may be admitted into Division I at the discretion of the Executive Board and shall be charged a buy-in fee of $7,500.00. A non-promoted team may be admitted into Division II at the discretion of the Executive Board and shall be charged a buy-in fee of $1,000.00, which shall be reduced to $500.00 for the 2020/2021 season.
Inactive Clubs.
Inactive clubs remain in this League as associate members upon payment of an annual fee of $50.00. They have one vote.
Continuation of Membership
Any member club answering the roll call at the Annual Meeting shall be considered affiliated with this League for the coming season.
Bad Check.
Any club found guilty of passing a bad check will be fined the sum of $50.00 and will be required to pay any future payments due to the League by certified check, money order or cash.
Acceptance of Application.
The Executive Board rules upon all applications for membership. Upon acceptance, the club shall immediately be eligible to participate in games. However, such acceptance shall be ratified by the member clubs at the next Annual Meeting of the League.
Transfer From Other Associations.
Clubs which transfer their membership from other leagues to this League shall be required to present a written release by their former league.
Denial of Application.
When an application for membership is rejected, the Executive Board may state the grounds for such rejection but is not obligated to do so.
In case of a merger, the new club shall be responsible for all obligations incurred under these rules by the old club.
When a club is disbanded, all of its registered amateur players shall become individually liable for its obligations on a pro-rata basis.
Applications for withdrawal shall be presented in writing. Such applications shall be accepted only if the club has fulfilled its obligations to this League. With the acceptance of the withdrawal the club forfeits all future rights to the property of the League.
Clubs which attempt to circumvent a decision rendered, or which seriously damage the interests of this League may be expelled at the Annual Meeting, or at a special meeting, called for this purpose. A motion for expulsion shall require the approval of at least 2/3 of all votes cast in order to be effective.
14.  Guarantee.
The deposit guarantee of $500.00 with the League at the time of admission shall serve as security for the fulfillment of all obligations, financial or otherwise, towards the League.


15.  Duties and Administration of Clubs.
All clubs are required to keep orderly records of their finances and meetings. The Executive Board shall have the right to inspect these records. Changes in the offices of President, Secretary or mailing address must be reported immediately to the General Secretary of this League.
The home club is responsible for the conduct of its players, officials and spectators. It is required to take all precautions necessary to prevent spectators or players threatening or assaulting referees before, during or after the conclusion of games. Clubs wishing to suspend players on account of an infringement of their rules shall notify the Executive Board giving the nature of the offense and the duration of the suspensions. Such suspension must be ratified by the Executive Board.


16.  Loans.
The Cosmopolitan Soccer League may extend loans only to clubs belonging to the league. Any such loans become due as soon as the club notifies the league of its intention to leave. This club can only be released after the loan plus interest has been paid in full.
17.  Delinquent Clubs.
A. Interest.
Unless waived by the Executive Board, all monies due to the League must be paid within 30 days. If any monies due to the League are not paid within 30 days, interest will be charged at a rate of 1.5% per month on outstanding balances until paid, and if not paid before, will be collected at the Mid-Year Meeting or Annual Meeting, whichever comes first.
B. Balance Due to be Registered to Play.
If any member club has outstanding debts to the league in excess of $500.00 after the date of the Annual Meeting, then said club will not be permitted to register for the following season. Notwithstanding the above, a delinquent club may petition the Executive Board in writing for a waiver of the above penalty specifically stating the reason for said delinquency and the club’s proposed schedule of payment. The Executive Board may then waive the above penalty upon payment of half of the outstanding delinquency by the date of the Annual Meeting and balance by the following February 1st.
C.  Financial Reporting.
A list of clubs with outstanding balances to the league including their outstanding balance and their aging shall be sent to all clubs and posted on the league website monthly.
1.  General Rules.
Amateur and professional men players may participate in games of this League providing they are duly registered and insured under the regulations stated in the following paragraphs.


2.  Professional Players.
The registration of professional players is handled by the United States Soccer Federation. Professional players, who engage for clubs under the jurisdiction of this League are, however, subject to all other conditions of these rules.


3.  Amateur Players.
The registration of amateur players is handled by the Registrar as per agreement with the ENYSSA and NJSA. Every amateur player shall be registered on an official form of the USSF. It is the duty of the Registrar to forward the forms immediately to the State Association Registrar.
All players must have official passes bearing their pictures and signature, and must be laminated. These passes must be sent to the Registrar who will stamp and validate them each season before a player becomes eligible.


4.  Registration Before Start of Season.
Registrations for the new season will be accepted after the Annual Meeting.


5.  Registration Requirements.
All registration documentation inclding a completed online registration form, photograph, identification and waivers must be provided one hour before the close of the League office on Saturday for the player to be eligible to play on that weekend.
6.   Merging Clubs.
A.  In case of a merger of affiliated clubs, players involved do not require new registration.
B.   Players not willing to join the new club may apply for their release to the Executive Board if they have met all obligations towards their old club. Such players require a 14 day registration period.
7.  Registration and Transfer of Players.
A. Registration of New Players (Not Registered During Seasonable Year). 
New players are eligible after proper registration. 
B. Transfer of Players From Clubs Within League.
A club may only register an amateur or professional player who is currently or has been registered with another club within the League after that player has been properly released, as appropriate, by the current or former club.
Players changing their clubs within this League during the current season are eligible to play immediately if both the player's first and second clubs agree to the transfer or 10 days after the player's second club's next game if the player's first and second clubs do not agree to the transfer. The player's first club is deemed to have consented to the transfer if no objection is received by the league office within 72 hours of the transfer request, Players are only permitted to change clubs once during the season.
A player currently under suspension cannot be granted a release. If the player leaves the jurisdiction of this League, it is the responsibility of his former club to advise the ENYSSA or the NJSA, or their successor associations, through the office of the registrar of this League. The notification is to include a listing of any unpaid obligations or club property in possession of the player, applying at the same time for his suspension. In case of neglect of immediate notice, the original club has no longer any claim to these obligations if the player should return to the jurisdiction of this League at a later date.
A club cannot prevent a transfer of a player for outstanding monetary obligations above the player registration and release fee unless documentation is provided.
C. Transfer of Players From Clubs Not Within League.
A club may only register an amateur player who is currently or has been registered with another club outside of this League after the club obtains a proper release or loan agreement if so required by the player’s current or former state or national association.
A club may only register a professional player who is currently or has been registered with another club outside of this League after the club obtains a proper release or loan agreement as required by the USSF or other national association.
Any player not registered in accordance with the above sections shall be deemed an ineligible player.
8.  Player Limits.
Player limits will be governed by the rules of the respective State Association. At present, any club may sign up to 30 players per team, without specification of the team for which they are registered. Except as indicated below, players can interchange among teams within the same club without re-registering except in the case of a club having two teams in the same division.
Only two players may participate for a lower tiered team within their club for the lower tiered team's last four regular season matches or in any playoff or championship matches.
9.  Final Date for Transfers and Registrations.
A. Transfer of Players to Lower-Tiered Team
  No player may transfer to a lower-tiered team within his club after March 1 in each season. 
B.  Registration or Transfer of Players Previously Registered
  No club or team may sign a player previously registered in the United States or Canada during the seasonable soccer year after April 15 unless the player's former club is dissolved or the registration is made only for the purpose of playing a friendly, exhibition or national or state cup game. 
C  Registration of Players Not Previously Registered. 
  Players not previously registered in the United States or Canada during the seasonable soccer year may be signed through the end of the regular season. No player may participate in any divisional playoff or championship game, unless he was registered for his respective club's last league game. 



1.  General Rules.
All games within this League shall be conducted under the rules recognized by this League. Games sponsored by the USSF and/or games sponsored by the State Associations in which this League is domiciled, shall take precedence over games of this League.
2.  Opening of Season.
The official opening day of the season shall be fixed by proclamation of the Executive Board.
3.  Playing Field.
A. Size.
Limitations as to the size of the field, height of the corner flags, goal measurements, and required markings of the field are accorded to the Rules and Regulations of FIFA.
B. Markings.
The home club shall be responsible for visible, correct and clear markings of the playing field, and fencing off the playing area, if feasible
C. Goal Nets.
Standard Goal Nets shall be used in all games.
D.  Maintenance of Order.
The playing field is to be protected against overflowing by the public. The home team is responsible for any disorders which may arise from insufficient protection and supervision. If any official or member of the visiting club causes or participates in a disturbance the visiting club may also be held responsible
4.  Notification of Games.
The schedule of games and kick-off time being published on the League's website, serves as official notice to all clubs. However, subsequent revisions to the schedules and starting times sent out by the League office shall supersede those published on the League's website.


5.  Starting Time.
The league office shall schedule all games and also determine the starting time. Except as indicated below, games scheduled on Sunday shall start between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm, unless both teams agree to an alternate starting time. First, second, third and metro division games may be scheduled on a Saturday after 6:00 pm if at least two weeks notice is provided to both teams.
Games played more than 20 miles from Randalls Island shall start between 10:00 am and 7:00 pm.
If the necessity arises to complete the season’s league schedule, the league office has the right to schedule midweek games.
If a home team fails to have the field properly marked after the referee has given the team the necessary time, the team will be punished by losing the game and being fined according to the forfeit fine schedule.
If at fifteen minutes passed the scheduled start time, either or both teams are not able to field the minimum number of players (7), the referee shall deem the offending team(s) to have forfeited the game. In addition to the forfeit, the offending team(s) will be fined.
Any club which does not want to be scheduled on major religious holidays, must so notify the league office and the General Secretary of this league at the Annual Meeting.


6.  Postponements.
No scheduled game shall be postponed without the consent of the league office and both clubs.


7.  Abandoned Matches.
If a match in progress is stopped by the referee because of bad weather, or for any other reason independent from either team’s behavior, and it is not resumed, the match shall be considered incomplete and it shall be completed by the two teams at another date/time to be determined by the league office with the score and the discipline decisions taken up to the moment of the interruption with the following principles applying:  
(a) The line-up sheet for the resumed match may only contain the eligible players who were on line-up sheet of the abandoned match.     
(b) Any sanctions imposed before the match was abandoned remain valid for the remainder of the match.

Single yellow cards imposed before the match was abandoned are not carried forward to any other matches before the abandoned match is completed. 


Players sent off during the abandoned match cannot be replaced and the number of players in the starting line-up remains as it was when the match was abandoned. 


Players who were suspended following a match played after the abandoned match in question can be included on the line-up sheet of the resumed match. 


The teams can make only the number of substitutions to which they were still entitled when the match was abandoned. 


The match must restart on the same spot where the abandoned match action occurred (i.e. free-kick, throw-in, goal kick, corner kick, penalty, etc.). If the match was stopped during the normal flow of the game, a dropped ball on the spot where it was abandoned shall be used to restart. 

Notwithstanding the above, by mutual agreement of the two participating teams and the league office, the abandoned match can be deemed complete with the score and discipline decisions at the moment of interruption.
8.  Length of Game.
Should the game or games preceding the same Club’s senior game be delayed so that the completion of the "first team" game would be endangered through lack of time, the referee is required to reduce the playing time of these previous game(s). In accordance with FIFA law, the halves of all games must be of equal time. The referee of any later game has no right to interfere with a game in progress.


9.  Minimum Number of Players.
A team must field at least seven (7) players in any game of this League, unless otherwise specified, as in indoor tournaments.


10.  Line-Up Forms.
Prior to the commencement of any game, each team must present a properly completed line-up form to the referee and a copy to the opposing team. If a properly completed line-up form cannot be submitted to the referee before the game commences, the game may be started, at the discretion of the referee, with the agreement that the line-up form be submitted before the start of the second half.
If either or both teams still cannot submit a properly completed line-up form to the referee by the start of the second half, the game will be played to completion and the name of the offending team or teams is to be sent to the Arbiter for action.   
Failure to submit the League designated line-up form or submitting a line-up form dated prior to the time set forth by the League shall subject the offending team to a fine of $25.00.
11.  Players and Coaches Identification.
A.  All players must present their player passes or identification as permitted by the players' state association to the referee before the start of any league or cup game.


The coach must present his or her coach’s pass or identificatiion as permitted by the coach's state association to the referee before the start of any league or cup game. If one team cannot present a coach’s pass or identification to the referee, there is no game and the offending team may be fined and forfeit the game. If neither team can present a coach’s pass or identification to the referee, both teams may be fined and the decision whether to replay the game will be referred to the league office.
12.  Uniforms.
Teams shall appear in proper uniform attire for all league and cup games. Players who, in the judgment of the referee, are not properly attired will be ordered off the field. In addition, the referee must order any players off the field, if, in the referee’s opinion, their dress could lead to an error in judgment. The home team shall always wear their "home" jerseys (except white) and the away team shall wear either white jerseys or jerseys which do not clash with the home team’s jersey colors. The away team must change jerseys if there is any color clashing or conflict.
All players must have a clearly legible number on the back of their jersey and on the front. (The back to be a minimum of 4" and the front a minimum of 3") The offending club(s) are subject to the following fine:
1)        Number missing on the jersey . . . .$5.00
Team Captains shall wear an armband on the upper left sleeve of their jersey. They are the only ones who are permitted to talk to the referee.
13.  Procedure in Case of Bad Weather.
In the case of bad weather on the days prior to a scheduled game, the home club must get in touch with the league office before 12 noon the day prior to the game. The League will then send a member of the Executive Board or a referee to inspect the grounds for their fitness. After getting the report from the inspector, the League will act accordingly.
If the weather is bad or threatening on the day of game, clubs and referees shall obtain information by telephone from the league office to ascertain whether the scheduled game can be played, before starting on the trip to the opponent’s field. The home club shall report to the League on such days at least 3 hours before the start of the game, concerning the condition of the field. The League shall have the right to call off a game if weather conditions appear to make the playing of the match impossible.
If, after the League has decided that the game can be played, the weather worsens, the referee shall determine if the game can be played. If the referee decides that the game cannot be played, the home club shall immediately call the League office to determine the disposition of subsequent games. Neither team can postpone subsequent games without the permission of the League. If the subsequent game is scheduled to start within 2 hours of the time that the League decides that the game can’t be played, the home club shall have a representative at the field to notify players and the referee that the game has been postponed.
If, after the League has decided that the game can be played, the owner or manager closes the field, the home club shall immediately notify the League and shall have a representative at the field to notify players and the referee that the field has been closed. If an alternate field is available, the game can be moved at the direction of the League. The home club shall have a representative at the field to direct players and the referee to the alternate field.


14.  Non-Appearance of Referee.
If the referee appointed fails to appear, the captains of the competing teams should agree upon another referee for the game who need not be officially registered. In such cases the home club must furnish the league office within 24 hours with a complete report, players list and score. A game played under these conditions shall be considered properly played, according to schedule. If both teams cannot agree on a mutually acceptable person to referee the games, the game will be replayed at a time determined by the League.


15.  Substitutes.
The amount of substitutions shall be governed by the state association rules. Currently teams are permitted to use 18 players and re-substitution is permitted in all games. No substitution whatever shall be made for a player ordered from the field of play by the referee.    


16.  Intermission.
The referee shall have the right to shorten the intermission period between halves, which should not exceed 10 minutes if the start of the game has been delayed, or other reasons make it advisable.  However, he must grant an intermission of at least 5 minutes if any of the competing teams requests it.


17.  League Championships.
Unless determined otherwise by the Executive Board before the start of the season, the championships of the League shall be determined by the point system except in those divisions, which have more than one group where a play-off will determine the championship.
18.  Assignment of Divisions.
A.  The assignment of divisions and the amount of clubs in each division shall be at the discretion of the Executive Board.


A club declining the right of promotion gives the club destined for relegation the right to remain in the higher division. If a higher division has place for additional clubs and the club permitted to be promoted declines the right of promotion, the team next in the standings shall be given the right of promotion assuming it meets all of the requirements of the higher division.
C. Division I and II clubs must field a reserve team. A fine of $300.00 and $200.00 respectively per game shall be levied during the playing season for non-compliance.
D. Players may play in the Over-30 Divisions as of the date of their thirtieth (30th) birthday. 
19.  Determination of Standings.
When there is a tie in the number of points among teams which have played each other an equal amount of times, the standings shall be determined by:
(1) Head-to-head competition defined as the team with the better win/loss record in current regular season games against all other teams equal in points.  
(2) Goal differential defined as goals for minus goals against scored during the regular league season against all other teams equal in points.   
(3) Goal differential defined as goals for minus goals against scored during the regular league season against all other teams excluding any tournaments, cup games, etc.  
(4) Higher amount of goals scored during the regular league season against all other teams excluding any tournaments, cup games, etc.   
When there is a tie in the number of points among teams which have not played each other an equal amount of times, then only tie-breakers (3) and (4) above shall be used.
20.  Divisional Formats & Rules.
Any rules specific to a particular division of the League shall be published on the league's website prior to the start of the season. If there are several potential options, these options must all be published. Once published, any changes to divisional formats or rules must be approved by the majority of the teams in the division prior to the majority of the games having been played.
21.  Additional Games in Non-Standard Schedule.
If the League is required to make a non-standard game schedule (i.e. every team in a group does not play every other team in the group the same number of times), the additional games shall be determined by a blind draw.
22.  Withdrawal of Team Before End of Season.
If a team does not complete its regular league schedule, the following rules shall take effect: 


If at least one half of the full schedule of games has been played, all scores shall stand. The points of the remaining games shall be credited to the opponents.
B. If less than half the full schedule of games is played, all games played shall be considered void.
C. Any team not appearing for those scheduled league games may forfeit the right to participate in any further league games and shall be subject to the penalty as outlined in Rule VI, paragraph 6(L).
23.  Representative Games.
The Executive Board shall have supervision over all representative games. For all practical purposes, a representative game shall mean select team or all-star team game. The General Secretary shall give proper notice to all players selected by this League for such games. If a player cannot appear, a notice giving the reasons for his inability to appear must be given without delay. Any player selected for a representative game shall be suspended for a period of at least 2 games if he fails to appear without valid excuse.


24.  Cup Games.
All cups are the property of this League. They are held by the winner from year to year, but shall become the property of the club, which wins the cup three consecutive times, or four times non-consecutively. Each winner is responsible for maintenance and proper care of the cups. The League may demand a financial guarantee from the club during the possession of’ the cup, without being obligated to pay interest on the sum deposited. Cups shall be returned to the Treasurer in good condition 14 days before the final game.
In arbitration cases involving league cups, the Appeals Committee shall function as the Cup Committee. All decisions are final and binding.


25.  Obligatory Games.
The league office shall have the power to schedule obligatory games. These games are subject to the same rules as championship games.
26. Friendly Games.
Friendly games against clubs not affiliated with this League must have the prior approval of the league office. 
27. Division of Gate Receipts.
The following provisions shall apply to the division of gate receipts for play-off games, re-plays and cup games.
A. Final Games in Cup Games and Play-off Games to Determine Standings.
  After deducting all expenses the balance shall be divided equally between the League and the 2 competing clubs.
B.  Re-plays.
  If gate receipts were not returned at the first game, this League shall receive 15% of the receipts after deduction of expenses which shall not exceed 15%, of the receipts. The balance shall be divided equally between the 2 competing clubs. If the gate receipts were returned at the first game or no receipts were taken in, the home club shall receive the total receipts.
28.  Referees.
All referees used by this League must be in possession of their annual identification card issued by the USSF. Referees fees shall be fixed by respective State Associations. If the referee finds the grounds in unplayable condition he shall be entitled to his traveling expenses to be paid by the home club, provided the game had not been officially called off.
A.  Referees must examine players’ passes before the start of the game and watch the correct signing of the form by each individual player.



Each referee is required to report to the league office not later than 24 hours  after the game, on an official form, issued by respective State Association, the score of the game, as well as any other matters, such as players cautioned or ordered off the field. In the latter case the ejected Player’s Pass must accompany the referee’s report.
C. He shall also report all accidents and injuries.
29.  Assistant Referees.
Assistant referees shall be assigned by the League and/or respective State Association for all playoff and championship games. Each club shall furnish one assistant referee for each game when no official assistant referees have been assigned by either the League or the respective State Association. In the event that the assigned assistant referee(s) fail to appear, the clubs shall agree on the assistant referee(s).


1.  Protests.  
All protests, which arise from an infringement of the playing rules, are subject to a protest fee. Protests shall be presented in writing to the Arbiter, giving detailed reasons, within 3 days after the game accompanied by a fee of $100.00. Any grounds for a protest which should arise before the start of the game shall immediately be submitted in writing to the referee and the opposing team before the start of the match. Protests including copies thereof must be submitted in writing by mail or email.


2.  Claims.
Claims, which are made on the basis of an incorrect or missing registration of a player, need not be accompanied by a fee. Such claims must be filed with the Arbiter within seven (7) days after the game. Claims including copies thereof must be submitted in writing by mail or email.


3.  Damages.
All claims for damages such as arising from a non-appearance of a team, or similar infraction, are to be submitted to the Arbiter within two (2) weeks after the game. They do not require a fee. Claims and Protests including copies thereof must be submitted in writing by mail or email.
4.  General Rules.
A copy of all protests, claims or appeals shall be sent directly to the club against which it is directed at the time the case is reported to the Arbiter. The league office is directed to submit all lineup forms and other matters pertaining to the protests or claims to the arbiter immediately upon receipt of same.


1.  Penal Rights.
The Executive Board and the Arbiter shall have the power to penalize club or individual club members or players. Penalties may consist of fines, warnings, loss of points, temporary or permanent exclusion from the activities of the League or closing of the playing field.
2.  Arbiter.
All protests and claims shall he handled by the Arbiter who must notify all parties involved.
A. Membership. 
Arbiter and his Assistant must be persons who are not active members of any Club. They will by appointed the newly elected Executive Board.
(a)   A delegate of the Referee’s Association may be invited by the Arbiter. This delegate shall have no vote.   
B. Non-Appearance before Arbiter or Appeals Committee, Executive Board or any other regulating body.
Non-appearance before Arbiter, Appeals Committee or Executive Board upon receipt of written notification shall be subject to a minimum fine of fifty ($50.00) dollars. Such invitation shall be mailed out not less than 10 days prior to date of proposed meetings.
C. Non-Appearance.
If a party, which has been invited to a meeting, does not appear, the case shall be heard and disposed of, regardless. Clubs who disregard an invitation shall be fined the sum of fifty ($50.00) dollars. Referees, who fail to appear, shall be reported to the ENYSSA or NJSA Referee’s Committee.
D. Hearing and Vote.
No club shall be represented at any hearing by an officer of this League.
E. Faulty Procedure in Filing.
Protests or claims not filed within the required time limit, or which are submitted without written details of charges and reasons, or without remittance of the protest fee, shall be rejected without hearing.
F. Publication of Decisions.
Decisions of the Arbiter, giving full details shall be mailed or emailed to the involved Club(s) and published within five (5) days in the official publication.
3.  Appeals.
A.  Before the Appeals Committee of the Executive Board.
  If a Club wishes to appeal a decision of the Arbiter, it may do so within 7 days of the publication of the decision. Appeals are filed with the Appeals Committee of the Executive Board. The fee for such appeals shall in all cases be $250.00, which will be refunded if the Appeals Committee finds in favor of the appealing club.
B. Before Eastern New York State Soccer Association.
  An appeal against the decision of the Appeals Committee of the Executive Board may be filed in writing with the ENYSSA within 3 days after publication of the decision, with the appropriate fee as required by ENYSSA.
4.  Unintentional Infringements.
In a case where it is proven beyond doubt that an infringement has been committed without the knowledge of the club or any of its officers, the Arbiter may order a replay of the game.
5.  Player & Club Official Suspension.
Players and club offcials who have been ordered off the field or reported by the referee after the game for any infringements of the rules may be suspended. A suspended player or club official is prohibited from taking part in a future game or competition and on attending it in the area immediately surrounding the field of playing including team benches and dressing rooms and in taking part in any team discussion immediately prior, during or immediately after the game(s) for which he or she is suspended.
6.  Minimum Penalties.
In order to determine the duration of the suspension, the guideline that will be used is the number of instances within one season.
Ineligible Player.
A club who permits an ineligible player to take part in a game shall be penalized with loss of points and fined a sum of not less than $500.00 per player per game for first division games and $200.00 per player per game for games in all other divisions. For the purposes of this rule, an ineligible player shall include, but not be limited to, any player who plays under a player pass, which was obtained by the falsification of player information, or professional player registered with an amateur player pass. Additionally, the ineligible player and the coach of the team that played the ineligible player shall be suspended for two games each.
Any team competing outside of league play, which is found to have used an ineligible player by a state, regional or national body under whose jurisdication that team played, shall be fined $500.00 by the league, which shall be in addition to any fine or penalty assessed by the state, regional or national body.
A player, who during the current season signs a form for a second club without obtaining his release from his first club (double registration) shall be reported to the respective State Association. 
B.  Two Cautions in One Game & Denying a Goal Scoring Opportunity. 
A player who receives a second caution in one game or is ordered off of the field for denying a goal scoring opportunity shall be suspended for one game.
Serious Foul Play.
A player who, has been ordered off the field for serious foul play, shall be suspended:
1)  In the first instance..... At least 1 game
2)  In the second instance..... At least 2 games
3)  In the third instance..... At least 4 games
4)  In the fourth instance..... At least 6 games 
Insult of Opposing Player.
A player who, has been ordered off the field for insulting an opponent, shall be suspended:
1)  In the first instance..... At least 1 game
2)  In the second instance..... At least 2 games
3)  In the third instance..... At least 4 games
4)  In the fourth instance..... At least 6 games 
Additional suspensions and/or fines may be issued if the insult was of a racial or ethnic nature. 
Insulting of the Referee.
A player who, has been ordered off the field for insulting the Referee, shall be suspended:
1)  In the first instance..... At least 2 games and $50.00 fine
2)  In the second instance..... At least 4 games and $100.00 fine
3)  In the third instance..... At least 6 games and $150.00 fine
4)  In the fourth instance..... At least 8 games and $200.00 fine
Violent Conduct.
A player who, has been ordered off the field for violent conduct, shall be suspended:
1)  In the first instance..... At least 2 games and $50.00 fine
2)  In the second instance..... At least 4 games and $100.00 fine
3)  In the third instance..... At least 6 games and $150.00 fine
4)  In the fourth instance..... At least 8 games and $200.00 fine
Additional penalties may be imposed if the violent conduct consists of player assault. 
G. Spitting at Opponents.
A player who, has been ordered off the field for spitting at an opponent, shall be suspended:
1)  In the first instance..... At least 6 games and $50.00 fine
2)  In the second instance..... At least 8 games and $100.00 fine
3)  In the third instance..... At least 8 games and $150.00 fine
4)  In the fourth instance..... At least 8 games and $200.00 fine
Rules Pertaining to Cautioned Players.
A player who is cautioned more than two times during regular season league games shall be suspended as follows:
1)  Three (3) cautions..... 1 game
2)  Six (6) cautions..... 2 games
3)  Nine (9) cautions..... 3 games
Managers, Trainers and other Club Officials interfering with the orderly process of game.
1)  In the first instance..... Fined up to $25.00
2)  In the second instance..... Fined up to $50.00
3)  In the third instance..... Fined up to $100.00 and may be suspended at the discretion of the Arbiter for a period up to 3 months.
4)  In the fourth instance..... Fined up to $200.00 and may be suspended at the discretion of the Arbiter up to 1 year 
J. Assault on Referee.
  Cases involving an assault on either a referee or linesman are automatically referred to the respective State Association for action. 
K. Indoor Tournaments Shall Arbitrate Their Own Cases, with the Exception of Assault on Referee.
  Indoor tournaments shall arbitrate their own cases.  As such, the participation of a player suspended in regular League play is permitted except for players suspended for assault. Games played in indoor tournaments do not reduce the term of the suspension in outdoor play. 
L. Non-Appearance to Game.
A club, which refuses to play a scheduled game and instead engages in a private game, or for other reasons does not does appear for the game scheduled, shall be penalized by losing the game 3:0 and fined $200.00.
Higher fines may be agreed upon by the various divisions and shall be recognized by the Arbiter.  The offending club is also responsible for all referee fees in addition to any fine.
The fine for the forfeiture of or non-appearance at a regular league game scheduled to be played in the last quarter of the season shall be one and one/half times the fines listed above.
All fines collected by the League, as a result of a club’s non-appearance at a game, shall be paid to the non-offending club.
In addition to the fines or penalties above, in Division I, any forfeit by a club's first or reserve team will result in three (3) points being deducted from the club's first team's point total. In addition to the fines or penalties above, in Division II, any forfeit by a club's first or reserve team will result in one (1) point being deducted for the first forfeit, two (2) points being deducted for the second forfeit and three (3) points being deducted for the third and any subsequent forfeit, from the club's first team point total. 
For a third or subsequent offense during the same season, the club will be referred to the Executive Board and may be subject to further sanctions, including but not limited to, additional fines, deduction of points, deduction of points the following season, relegation, suspension or expulsion. 
Payment of Fines.
All fines must be paid within 30 days of publication to the League Office if no appeal is filed. If an appeal is filed, fine has to be paid to the League Office not later than 30 days after final decision. Forwarding of fine to any other official of the League shall be considered as non-receipt of fine. If the fine is not paid within the prescribed period, the Club shall be suspended and lose any points from games previously scheduled during suspension. 
Breaking-Off Game.
Games shall under no circumstance be broken off by one of the participating teams. If a team breaks off a game without permission of the referee, it shall be penalized with loss of points and fined. Any person or player responsible for the breaking-off of the game shall be suspended. Broken off games shall be awarded by a score of 3:0 or by the score at the time of the break-off, if the losing team is found at fault. 
Forfeit Games and Loss of Points.
If a team forfeits a game by 12:00 Noon of the Wednesday prior to it being scheduled to be played, 50% of the fines detailed in Section 6, Paragraph K shall apply. Otherwise all of the fines detailed in Section 6, Paragraph K shall apply. 
Attempt to Induce Player to Change Club.
In cases where it can be proven that a deliberate attempt was made to induce a player to change his club, the person or club responsible for such attempt shall be fined $100.00. 
Infringement of Regulation Concerning Private Cup Tournaments.
Club staging private cup tournament shall be fined $10.00 for violation of the rules governing these tournaments. 
R. Referee Fees.
  A fine of $25.00 per occurrence will be incurred for non-payment of referee fees. 
Social Media.
Any club, which while using its offficial social media, makes use of offensive language, or language, photographs or artwork which is contemptuous, discriminatory or denigratory concerning race, color, religion, gender or sexual orientation shall be referred to the Arbiter for possible fines and sanctions. If a club is notified of a possible vioaltion, the club shall within 24 hours remove the offensive social media posting. 


1.  Major Disturbances.
The following rule was created as a deterrent for all member clubs and will be enforced for a running 36 month after each first infraction.
The following is considered a major disturbance:
A.  A player or players disputing a referee decision, thereby causing the game to be broken off.
B.  The spectators of one or both teams entering the field of play and causing the referee to call the game.
Any team found guilty of causing a major disturbance will be fined as follows:
1st Offense: A fine of $300.00 to the league, loss of points and probation of the club for one year.
2nd Offense:
1)  A fine of $1,000.00, loss of the game and the deduction of 6 points as well as an additional $1,000.00 bond requirement.
2)  All league games to be played away (either at opponents or at a neutral field) for a period of one year.
3)  Depending on the severity of the case: Possible suspension from the league as determined by the league’s Executive Committee upon the recommendation of the arbiter.
3rd Offense: A fine of $1,500.00 and expulsion from the league upon the approval of the league’s Executive Committee upon the recommendation of the arbiter.
Should a game be broken off by a referee due to a player disputing a referee decision, threatening the referee or assaulting the referee, in addition to the standing rules, the offending team shall be awarded a loss (0 points) and opposing team shall be awarded a win by forfeit and 3 points.
Both teams may be found guilty and fined accordingly.


2.  Non Preclusion.
The above rule does not preclude any other fines or the loss of points, handed out in accordance with our existing rules.
3.  Additional Penalties for Teams on Probation. 
Any team that while on probation is found to have engaged in fighting, spitting or an act of racism shall be fined and sanctioned as follows:
1st offense: A fine of $250.00 to the league and a deduction of 5 points.
2nd offense: A fine of $500.00 to the league and a deduction of 10 points.
3rd offense: Immediate suspension and the scheduling of an expulsion hearing.    

Changes in these rules and regulations shall only be made at the Annual Meeting or at a Special Meeting called expressly for this purpose. Such changes shall require at least two-thirds of all votes cast, in order to become effective.


All rule changes shall be sent in writing or by electronic mail to all affiliated clubs within 30 days of the Annual Meeting. A copy of these rule changes shall be sent to the ENYSSA.  


These rules are binding upon all member clubs of the Cosmopolitan Soccer League, by mutual agreement.


A special separate fund in the amount of twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) is to be set aside plus interest accumulating. Only those clubs who were members of the German-American Football Association, Inc. prior to the Annual Meeting of 1949 will have voting rights pertaining to this fund. These clubs shall have the same number of votes they enjoyed during the season 1949-1950. The members of the Executive Board in office during the 1949-1950 season shall also have votes concerning these funds.
A club formed as a result of a merger will be entitled only to the votes, which the club with the highest number of votes, had before the merger.

Club Eligible Votes:


Sport Club Eintracht - 6

Sport Club Elizabeth - 5

Hoboken Football Club - 2

Newark Sport Club (Union County SC) - 3














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